23 février 2014

Shutdown Bangkok, cela s'essoufle

 Ils ont même leur centrales de télécommunication mobile

19 février 2014

Affrontements à Bangkok - Message de l'ambassade de France

Chers Compatriotes,
Des affrontements ont lieu ce mardi, à Bangkok, sur le Pont Phan Fan Lilat et l’Avenue Ratchadamnoen, entre la police et des manifestants, provoquant trois morts et des dizaines de blessés.
Pour votre sécurité, il vous est instamment conseillé d’éviter toute manifestation et tout rassemblement.
L’Ambassade de France

11 février 2014

Comment ne plus avoir de client

Quand un magasin de spriritueux ferme quand il est l'heure du repas, les clients fuient...

07 février 2014

La fin du stade de boxe de Lumpini

End of an era for Muay Thai at Lumpini Published: 6 Feb 2014 at 11.20 Online news: Local News The legendary Lumpini Boxing Stadium will open to the public for the last time on Friday, with...


The legendary Lumpini Boxing Stadium will open to the public for the last time on Friday, with a host of high-profile Thai boxers fighting it out on the canvas to mark the end of an era.
Leading fighters including Petboonchu Borplaboonchu and Seanchai PK Saenchaimuaythaigym will step into the ring at the 57-year-old stadium in Bangkok’s central district on Friday. The ticket price for the event will be 400 baht for Thai citizens.

On normal fight nights, foreigners must pay 2,000 baht for ringside seats at the stadium, 1,500 baht for second-storey seats and 1,000 baht for third-storey seats.
The first Thai boxing competition at Lumpini Boxing Stadium took place on March 15, 1956. The venue - managed by Royal Thai Army - officially opened in December of the same year.
From Feb 11, the stadium will move to its new home on Ram Intra Road, which has the capacity to accommodate audiences of up to 3,500.
The Army Welfare Department decided the stadium needed a bigger home away from the traffic-clogged heart of the city and granted permission for the use of its sports facility to build a new, spruced-up stadium.
Lumpini has hosted numerous historic Muay Thai matches over the decades, making it a mecca for boxers the world over.
Lumpini Boxing Stadium will open to the public for the last day on Friday. (Photo by Sithikorn Wongwudthianun)


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