14 juillet 2015

Durcissement des lois sur les étrangers en Thailande

Intéressant article de Richard Barrow

If you are an expat living or working in Thailand then I’m sure you would agree with me that the “90 Day Reporting” is the most annoying and time wasting thing we have to do. For those who don’t know, everyone in Thailand has to report their address to Immigration EVERY 90 days. Yes, we have to take time off work to travel to our local Immigration office, to fill in a form and then line up and wait our turn to tell the officers that we are still at the same address. I’m lucky that my local office is nearby and hardly anyone there at the end of the day. But I know many people who live in Bangkok who say that it takes them at least half a day if not longer for them to submit the TM47 form.


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